Diligent worker with an aptitude for applying knowledge to new situations. Intermediate level of proficiency in Japanese; skilled with Python, C++, and ECMAScript, with limited exposure to Scheme and Java. Eagle scout.


St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota

B.A. in Computer Science and Asian Studies, May 2016

GPA: 2.99; Computer Science GPA: 3.53.

Study Abroad, Lexis Japan, Kōbe, Japan

No degree, June–July 2015


Assistant to the Macintosh Systems Administrator, St. Olaf College; Northfield, MN

Feb. 2013–May 2016

IT Assistant to Joachim Reppmann; Northfield, MN

Dec. 2012–May 2016

Computer Science Teaching Assistant, St. Olaf College; Northfield, MN

Sept. to Dec. 2013; Sept. 2014–May 2016

IT Helpdesk Associate, St. Olaf College; Northfield, MN

Sept. 2012–Jan. 2013

In-House Computer Expert, Benchmark Monument; Tulsa, OK

Sept. 2010–Present


Gobbldygook • github

A scheduling assistant for students at St. Olaf College, built answer the question: given your course load, and what you want to major in, can you graduate on time?

CS Grading Toolkit • github

A tool to streamline the grading process for CS courses, it coallates submissions and performs automated checks to ease the burden on the graders.

Tiled Display • github

Part of my CS Capstone team project, the original goal was to render a 3D model of Regents Hall across as many monitors as we could. It currently renders a warp drive simulation across nine displays in a square.

IT Status Board • github

A multi-faceted, modular status board, this project’s primary purpose is to monitor the campus printers for any errors. It also tracks who has responded to the most tickets on a leaderboard, and provides a central location to see who works next.

Hybsearch • github

A team project in Bioinformatics, this application takes a phylogenetic tree and looks for instances of nonmonophyly. It identifies the cause of the nonmonophyly, and will allow for the first large-scale analysis of the occurence rate of the phemenon.